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NANOOK - how fast is the kayak?

We wanted to know how fast our NANOOK kayak can be paddled and tested it with the GPS The water was very flat that day, there was no wind and the NANOOK was loaded with about 75kg (me and some stuff).

How fast is the kayak?

Speeds up to 7km/h are easy to paddle and possible over hours. It becomes increasingly sporty between 7 and 9km/h, but is feasible over longer distances. Above 9km/h it becomes tiring and is only possible over shorter distances. The maximum speed in this test was 11.1km/h.


Due to its low weight of only 12.5kg and its narrow, long hull, the NANOOK accelerates very quickly and can be paddled fast over long distances with little effort. Its directional stability and low wind attack area save a lot of energy on longer trips and in windy weather.

More information about the NANOOK kayak can be found here.



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