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zedernrot is a love declaration to red cedar wood, an incomparable material for wooden canoebuilding.fine wooden boats underlines my ambition for wooden canoe building in perfection.

Founded in 2021 as w.werft, zedernrot exists under a new name since 2023. In Wuppertal I am building canoes and kayaks in skin-on-frame and strip construction and sell my own canoe and kayak kits, construction plans and materials for canoe building in the shop.

In my blog you will find many tips on canoebuilding, material selection, manufacturing techniques as well as paddling trips.
Details about canoetrips on the Wupper and an overview of current customer projects can also be found in the map.


I would like to expand my product range in the future and add more canoe and kayak models, kits and building plans as well as accessories and building materials. In addition, I am currently looking for a larger workshop where canoe building workshops will also be possible!

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