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Build your own Kayak!

The kayak kit

traditional shapes,
translated into CNC-milled wooden parts,
some fabric, sinew, pigments
and your sweat:
the ingredients for your next project


because you don't need a strongback for the construction and only a few hand tools.

Light as a feather

with only 12kg the kayak almost flies by itself onto your car roof.

Stable & Agile

safe and fast on the water



Total weight: 12.5 kg

Length: 507cm

Width: 55cm

Payload: up to 150kg (Paddler + Luggage)

Paddler size: up to approx. 195cm

Coaming inside dimensions: 78x41cm

(the total weight of the NANOOK depends on the materials and amount of varnish used)


from a greenland classic to a CNC-milled kayak kit. The long journey of development from the workshop over CAD to the portal milling machine.

The development of the NANOOK kayak kit took about 10 months. In an elaborate process, the dimensions of traditionally built greenland kayaks were collected, merged with empirical values and thus a first model was created in a hull design software. The handling characteristics were tested on several prototypes and construction details were adapted to the requirements of a customer-friendly kit. Parallel to the prototyping, detailed photos were taken and the building instructions were produced, which clearly describe the individual building steps. What was done with a jigsaw during prototyping was finally realized as a final prototype on a CNC portal milling machine. Now I have the kit produced in series by a partner company in Wuppertal.

detail of a wood connection of components from the nanook skin-on-frame kayak kit by zedernrot. made from birch plywood on a cnc milling machine


a kayak puzzle - made in Germany.

The kit includes 26 CNC-milled components from birch plywood, as well as other small parts and aids for construction. In addition to the frames, the sterns and decks, the seats as well as the antry aids, the kit also includes a CNC-milled coaming, which is very easy to assemble. All components are already equipped with notches for plugging together and holes for knotting.


Step-by-step realizable even without prior knowledge. Illustrated down to the last detail.

Reading Sample (PDF Download):

German / English

The opening chapters of the building instructions range from a description of our CNC-milled components to required materials with parts lists and measurements to work safety. The construction of the NANOOK is divided into the production of wooden strips for gunwales and stringers (including instructions for tapering strips), the construction of the kayak frame from our components, the oiling, skinning and varnishing of the kayak as well as the installation of the hatch system, footrests, deck lines and backrest. All construction steps are described with the help of detailed texts and expressive photos.



practical and unique to skin-on-frame kayaks: A cargo hatch.

To make it easier for you to load the kayak for longer trips, I have developed a hatch system for the NANOOK. The hatch has an effective diameter of 24cm and makes the storage space in the rear part of the kayak better accessible. The construction plan contains the drawings of the necessary components, the installation is described in the building instructions. When purchasing the kit, the hatch system including additional parts as well as the hatch ring and hatch cover can be ordered as well.


feel it.

paddler in a handcrafted skin-on-frame kayak on the water in wuppertal beyenburg


Try the NANOOK

You want to test the NANOOK without obligation? I regularly organize test days at the Beyenburg Reservoir in Wuppertal, so that you can evaluate whether the NANOOK meets your needs before you buy it. For this you have about 30 minutes time on the water. Questions about building the NANOOK and paddling can be discussed on the spot. This is what I also bring with me: - CNC-milled components - the building instructions and the building plans - Greenland paddle to try out - a suitable spraydeck - a set of color samples for coloring the skin with pigments All you need are suitable clothes (sun protection / cold protection, waterproof shoes like neoprene shoes, if necessary life jacket, spare clothes). I will bring a suitable spraydeck, but you can also bring your own to test its fit on the coaming of the NANOOK. You can book the participation via the online shop. Since the test day is connected with a lot of effort for me, the participation costs 20 euros. You will receive a voucher for this amount, which you can redeem when ordering the NANOOK kit or the NANOOK construction plan. The voucher is not personally bound.


"I want to thank you, this is a great project, great build guide. The boats came out beautiful and practical, the stability is very good"

Review & Photo: Dmitry Sergeev

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