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NANOOK Kayak | Partial Kit & Instructions

NANOOK Kayak | Partial Kit & Instructions

490,00 €Price

Build your own extremely light greenland kayak in a short time! Even without prior knowledge, you can master the construction with the help of the detailed assembly instructions. The CNC-milled components guarantee you a symmetrical and easy-to-paddle kayak. In addition, I support you with questions with my support.

  • Materials included in the kit:


    - Building instructions (60 pages, German or English)

    - 26 milled parts (frames, stems, seats, coaming and building aids)

    - Small parts


    + hatch system (optional)


    - 3 additional milled parts

    - Hatch ring 24cm and hatch cover "LRC-HT" (brand: Kajak Sport)

    - Screws for installation


    + nylonskin & sewing kit (optional)


    - 6m nylonskin, roll width 160cm

    - Needle set (2 round needles, 4 straight sewing needles)

    - 1 roll of artificial waxed sinew, 120m (for knotting the wooden parts)

    - 1 roll of nylon sewing yarn, white, 50m (for sewing the skin)

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