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NANOOK Kajak | Study-Plan & Instructions

NANOOK Kajak | Study-Plan & Instructions

29,00 €Price

You want to study the building instructions in more detail, prepare your workshop for the project and buy the necessary materials? Then the study plan might be just the thing for you. In addition, I will send you a paper plan with two NANOOK parts on which you can demonstrate your production skills right away! The purchase price will of course be substracted when you buy the building plans or the kit later.

  • The finished kayak - dimensions and weight:


    Total weight: 12.5kg*

    Length: 507cm / 16.6ft

    Width: 55cm

    Paddler weight: up to approx. 100kg

    Paddler size: up to approx. 200cm

    Coaming inner dimensions: 78x41cm


    *The weight depends on the materials used. The indicated weight is reached with the materials recommended in the construction manual and is among other things also dependent on the oil and varnish application.

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