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We are developing a skin-on-frame kayak kit

In November 2020 we started the development of our first skin-on-frame kayak kit. The goal is to offer an easy and quick to assemble kit that can be built with CNC-milled frames and simple wooden strips. This means that parallel strips can be used for the longitudinal stringers and gunwales, which only need to be shaped at the bow and stern.

We based our design on the dimensions of our traditionally built skin-on-frame greenland kayaks, whose dimensions we recorded in a time-consuming process and transferred to CAD. The lines created here are transferred to multiplex in the workshop, sawn out and checked for usability.

The desired characteristics of the kayak kit are:

- light total weight of the finished kayak under 14kg

- good tracking, good secondary stability, low wind susceptibility

- uncomplicated, fast assembly of the kayak kit even by beginners

In 2021 we want to CNC-mill the skin-on-frame kit as well as offer a construction plan. An illustrated manual that adresses beginners and advanced builders will be provided with the kit and the plans. We also plan to open an online store for this purpose. In addition, we want to offer other products for canoe- and kayakbuilding, materials, plans and kits.

More information on the skin-on-frame construction here.




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