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Article in the Bearmountainboats Blog

Inspired by Frank Howarth's stopmotion videos, we started shooting a stopmotion video quite spontaneously one day while building a stripplanked seakayak. In "280 Pictures of a Plane" you watch a small plane assembling itself.

Impressed by the results and with the idea in mind to shoot a kind of instructional video on kayakbuilding in stopmotion technique, we started shooting the video "The Strip" shortly after. In this one, you watch the tools independently take on the task of carving a strip and gluing it to the kayak. The busy glue bottle gets assistance from two rolls of tape that are independently rolling in.

The difficulty was that we actually glued the strip to the kayak at the moment of filming, but the shoot lasted longer than the actual process of gluing. It was a balancing act between capturing good images for the film and the goal of attaching the strip in the spirit of good craftsmanship without the glue drying too quickly. The result was a film that both entertains and yet accurately describes the process of craftsmanship. The response on social media was great and we received a lot of positive feedback. Among others, we received a request from Bearmountainboats in Canada to write a blog article about our work.



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