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Kanutouren auf der Wupper - Onlinekarte veröffentlicht

I have now visualized my experiences about canoe trips on the Wupper, which I gathered through many private canoe trips and my work as a canoe guide, in my new online map. I have also linked some blog articles according to their geographical location in the map and created an overview of ongoing and completed customer projects worldwide. If you have already built a boat according to my plans or kits and would like to appear on the map, please let me know!

Canoe tours on the Wupper - online map:

Advice on the online map "Canoe tours on the Wupper"

The best way to view the map is in full screen mode. Clicking on an object or a line will show detailed info. In the mobile version, depending on the device, it is unfortunately currently not possible to display the GPS location. You can find more information about the sections of the canoe tours on the Wupper shown in the map in this blog article.



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